Food Labels

Providing FDA compliant labels using database analysis which is the nation’s leading
database software, ESHA.

Food Testing

ISO certified laboratories

Food Consulting

We work closely with food scientists to help you get your product to market.

Pet Food Testing

Testing nutritional compositions, microbiological testing, and providing AAFCO certified labels.


Food Scientists

Food Scientists on staff who collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to provide customer focused results.

Over 20 Years of Experience!

Over 20 years of experience with FDA compliant ESHA software program & ISO certified laboratories.

Process Optimization

Our processes will be tailored to best fit your product and we will provide you with a great experience to get your product on the market.

Not a Virtual Internet Company

Our staff includes respected food scientists, food labs, and real people for every service you need.


United Food Labs works closely with multidisciplinary teams that include chemists, biologists, engineers, and food designers to tackle complex food-related challenges.

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100% Satisfied Guaranteed Results

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Why Choose Us?

FDA compliance

United Food Labs strictly follows the regulations set by the FDA with no exceptions

On-Time Delivery

We deliver all of our requested services within the turn around times.

Customer Service

United Food Labs is here for you with any questions and assistance. We keep you updated throughout the entire process.


Medical Research




Primary Care


Travel Medicine

Latest Science News

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